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The charm of the keys and the soft breeze that makes the palm trees dance and that smell of the sea felt in every corner of the keys makes them a special spot.

Contrasting with the intense green of the abundant forest vegetation, the beaches of coralline origin display a clear shade of beige. Only in Cayo Coco, there are 14 mi. of beaches and the most outstanding are Playa Las Coloradas, very attractive due to the possibilities for the practice of nautical sports such as windsurf, sailing, snorkeling, and fishing, Playa Larga, Playa La Jaula, as well as Playa Flamenco and Playa Prohibida, the last two being two magical neighboring places. Cayo Guillermo, on its part, possesses almost 4 mi. of sands that include the unmissable beaches Playa El Paso, Playa del Medio, and Playa Pilar, the latter named after the yacht that accompanied Ernest Hemingway in his adventures along these coasts, which magnificence is reinforced by the fact that they are just down the highest sand dune in the Caribbean (50 ft). Moreover, in the key Cayo Paredon Grande, the beaches Playa Los Pinos and Playa del Norte are highly recommendable.

The underwater surroundings treasure more than 30 diving spots that await the divers. The immersion points include coral reefs, sponge and Gorgonian colonies, as well as subaquatic tunnels and caves where varied species of the local fauna can be observed.

One of the greater attractions of these keys is the freedom of the visitors to design their own schedules, with the certainty of the high comfort of the four and five-star hotels, where everything has been arranged to satisfy all the needs.

It will be captivating to go on excursions, on foot sometimes if the distance is short or by car, to any of the virgin beaches or through the paths in the woods taking you to the most intimate corners of the keys’ privileged nature. Everyday, varied nautical excursions recall the adventures of a sea-passionate Hemingway.

Boats with transparent hulls allowing you to admire the shallow sea bottoms will take you to especially attractive spots where you will be able to fish or dive.

If you wish to know well the keys of Jardines del Rey, it is a must to visit La Güira, an ancient charcoal burners' settlement where their traditional dwellings, known as "varaentierra", are still preserved.

The Cueva del Jabalí (wild boar cave), a dark cavern which origin is believed to have been associated to marine retreat processes dating back to millions of years ago, has been adapted to accommodate several halls and services such as the incredibly original cabaret located in the depths of the cave.

The Center for the Investigation of Coastal Ecosystems, located in Playa Blanca, has facilities and personnel devoted to environmental protection, which makes it an ideal place to be visited by nature lovers.

To have a better visual panorama of the flamingo colony that inhabits the Bahia de los Perros, you should not avoid stopping at the inn La Silla, having a rustic lookout tower raising several meters above the sea level.

On the way to Jardines del Rey, still on the island of Cuba , you will pass by the outstanding Laguna de la Leche, the largest fresh water reservoir in the country, and the International Center for Trout Fishing of La Redonda, lagoon surrounded by tropical forests, displaying beautiful natural canals. You will also find the hunting spots of Aguachales de Falla and La Chicola, where expert or novice shooters can try their skills with feathered species.

Another place of interest could be the Isle of Turiguano, where you will be able to enjoy magnificent rodeo shows and where the internationally famous breed of beef cattle "Santa Gertrudis" is reproduced.


Where to lodge:

In the cities of Ciego de Ávila and Morón there are several hotels that will grant the facilities and comfort needed for a good rest, while in the keys there is a modern hotel infrastructure ranging from 4 to 5 stars just by the shores and under All Inclusive plans, although other plans are also admitted.

Specialized restaurants, bars, beach cafeterias, night clubs, a great variety of nautical sports and others, animation, swimming pools, tennis courts, medical services, satellite TV, tourism bureaus, shops, day care centers, car rentals, international communications, among others are some of the existing services to ensure your satisfaction.

Meliá Cayo Coco Hotel ****

Club Tryp Cayo Coco Hotel *****

Sol Club Cayo Coco Hotel *****

Meliá Cayo Guillermo Hotel *****

Sol Club Cayo Guillermo Hotel ****

Villa Cojímar****

Iberostar Daiquirí Hotel

Morón Hotel ***

International Hunting and Fishing Center **

San Fernando Inn

Ciego de Ávila Hotel

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